YRC Talks: No Demand for Monetary Concessions

Updated November 19, 2013: Talks have begun between YRC and the IBT Freight Division over a five year extension of the contract. Tyson Johnson held a conference call for local union officials today to report on the initial sessions.

Johnson said that no specific demands have been made by either side and that YRC is not asking for additional wage or benefit concessions, but wants more “flexibility.” When questioned on specifics, he said those would come out later and more conference calls would be held. He said the IBT staff and an outside consultant are reviewing YRC’s financial situation. When asked why the two YRC board members appointed by the Hoffa administration have not been helpful regarding YRC plans, he said they had not consulted with the IBT, and avoided further comment on their role.

A week earlier a conference call of officials overwhelmingly approved opening up the contract for the purpose of negotiating the extension as long as there were no new concessions.

YRCW CEO James Welch has made clear he is looking for fast action on extending the present contract until 2019. In today’s call Johnson said he would not let the company dictate a deadline.

The November 12 IBT conference call was just one week after Welch made his case to Teamster locals officials in Dallas on the proposal, and distributed materials. Each local was supposed to meet with YRC members or survey them.

The IBT constitution requires a majority vote of approval by the 26,000 YRCW Teamsters for any contract extension. Members should have a chance to discuss and evaluate any proposal before it is mailed out for a vote. TDU will continue to post information as it become available.

Click here to read Tyson Johnson's memo.




The pension is lost brother. This union is toast. Look around, where is our representation? You must ask youself, who in their right mind would buy a Union trucking Co? Not one but Three? There are forces at work here that are beyond YRC and the teamsters. It's over. It's done, time to move on.

Your are 100% right my brother. So let's get the word out VOTE NO!!! No more give backs, no more concessions. This will be our last fight against CORPORATE GREED... from YRC administration to the banks. The ultimate sacrifice as our previous brothers an sisters have fought. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!

I don't work for YRCW but I'm in the same pension plan as all the YRCW people in my local pension plan and if you guys accept another five year extension with no further pension increases then you have now, then you're not just screwing yourself, you're screwing a lot of other Teamsters also.

Mike Masterson L641 Union, NJ

I think Mr. Welch owes every Teamster an exact accountability of each penny that he was given over the last period of givebacks.   He owes everyone clear figures, He owes everyone a reason why.  I dont want to hear who he blames, or what past executives have done. He knew what he was getting into when he took the position.  He also owes us an expanation on exactly what he wants and what he plans to do with it, and who is gonna get what bonus and how much during this time of givebacks. He also owes us an explanation why he wants to open the MOU and discuss abesenteism, when there is no language in the MOU regarding this.

It often goes un-noticed but I do want to add a Big Thanks to our local 407 officials. Frank B and Mike H are the very best at what they do. With Mike involved in any negotiations and Franks sharp eye its going be tough for the company to pull any quick ones. Local 407 has its members back every step of the way.

How can anyone think about a yes vote, after the last 2 votes. There has to be a snap back or real stock, not the crap we got that went into that scam teamster 401k plan. We have to realize something or give them nothing.

There’s that word again, “flexibility”. We learned from the past agreements that translates too, we will make the rules and we reserve the right to change them at any time.  The union says they are willing to open talks as long as there are no new concession …………….well flexibility is a concession, and a damn dangerous one at that. That statement alone by Mr. Welch should have been enough to stop any talks of an extension to the current agreement. They complain of absenteeism, well maybe they should look at why that is a problem. Moral at this company is disgraceful at best. Our brothers and sisters are being attacked on all fronts by a anti-union style management that includes everything from  disrespect too declining wages and benefits. When you are looked at as the reason for all their problems and therefore the solution (your pay is too high, your benefit package is too expensive, you have too much vacation, we don’t have enough “flexibility”.) they should be glad any of you come to work. When the union cowls from their responsibility of representing you, and telling management NO!!! it only means that they hope the hype and despair of the alternative to an extension will lead you into accepting more of it. Then once again when “flexibility” comes to the forefront after the ink has dried and you complain to union leadership you will hear that faithful statement “well you guys voted for it” 

Nothing from local union officals no meeting, no survey, no phone call,no e-mail nothing...One week only a week to decide Yes we got more to give back...Where is the dignity for Teamster Freight members? I already know how I'm voting ...Take the money ya save from more givebacks go buy a padlock and chain lock gates! Rank and file Teamsters we must dump Hoffa and Tyson in 2015...Join TDU today! get in game.

YRC has been stealing from their employees too long. An extension of contract is just another way to rob the teamsters from their pensions and wages. It's time that the IBT standup for the members and fight the fight and hold YRC accountable to their promises. If YRC was in the position to close their doors, they would do so no matter which way the vote goes.


You just have to love how all these spineless local leaders  always "overwhelmingly approve" everything! Wage givebacks? Overwhelmingly approved! Less vacation time and no pension? Overwhelmingly approved! An extention after having it shoved in your ass for almost five years already? Overwhelmingly approved!    The campaign to stop Ken Hall from becoming IBT President in 2015 needs to start NOW!

First MOU. YRC : All we need is just 10 percent wage reduction. And we will make full payments to all pension funds.  Second MOU (Ink not even dry on first MOU) YRC: We need 5 percent more on wage reduction. Oh and no payments into pension plans for 18 months. Third MOU YRC: oops our bad, guess we can't make payments into the pension fund until the middle of 2011. And oh yeah it will be at 25 percent of 2009 levels (as a reward your pension plan will require you to stay until age 65 for full bennies). Do you see a pattern here. Offer the members an MOU and change it on the fly if the desired effect does not happen. TRUST IS EARNED NOT GIVEN!!!

It's to the point where we're the laughingstock of the industry, where do we draw the line? It's not about preserving good jobs, it's about dues & dues only anymore .....

We have taken way more than a 15% paycut. 15% wage, 75% penison contributions, 25% vacation cut, and work rules changes that probably amount to another 10+% wage cut. If we worked for free for the next 2 years they could not make the debt payments. It is not our wages, the "competitors" pay better wages than we recieve. It is blatant mismanagement and no amount of givebacks will solve their problems. Please do not vote from a position of fear!!!

At what point do you stop someone from robbing you blind. Too many people in this company are affraid of their own shadows. The union is supposed to  allow us the ability to tell the company "NO" if they want to change contract rules and language. If we never say "no" to anything they want just becaues they say they need it then why are we in the union at all? That said, I have not read or seen anything that tells me this is an all or nothing offer from the company.  

Your figures are a tad low, friend. I estimate that number is actually over three billion; enough to pay off the debt AND buy the company AND replace most of the old linehaul tractors with new ones.

You're right. The company is an expert of giving out mis information. This will be the biggest concession yet and no one sees it coming. We already pay for our benefits $160 a month in local  287, $188 a month in local 70. We use massisve amounts of cartage. We haven't hired anyone and our docks get picked clean every day by the cartage. Yrc can easily quit paying for health care by laying off at the end of the week, but say it is for absenteism. Like I said we have had about 8 people leave so far that I can think of and no one hired. This is like 3 card monty. You are watching one thing while they take something else away right before your very eyes. They hire laywers to represent them, we use rank and file and as a result it is like taking a spoon to a gun fight.

Wondering if YRC has doubled the amount of managers and W&I positions at all terminals or just here in Ohio since merger? The harder we work the more they waste!

I work at the DSM customer service center, which is non union. We're getting screwed too. We had pay cuts as well at the same time as the IBT, plus we also lost a week of vacation. And the company didn't even have the balls to tell us about the vacation. We just found out on our paychecks. Unfortunately, I'm too close to retirement to quit and find another job. But the moment I hit the rule of 85, I am out of there. We wish the brotherhood of Teamsters the best with this latest round of management bullshit, and I'm personally behind you all the way.