August 29, 2014: More than 10,000 Teamsters have signed the petition to save the Right to Vote for International Union officers. There's still time to make our voices heard.

Sign the petition to Judge Loretta Preska and defend our voting rights in International Union elections.

August 11, 2014: Over 200 Teamsters turned out on August 9 in Louisville, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio to hear Fred Zuckerman, Sandy Pope, Tim Sylvester and Tony Jones talk about the growing coalition to take back our union in 2016.

"We are building a grassroots army to take back our union. The TDU Convention in Cleveland will be the place to meet up and make plans. That's where we get the real training to organize for the changes we so desperately need in 2016."
Gino Nuzzolilo, UPS
Local 170
Worcester, Mass.

"I joined TDU because I got sick of union officials lying to me and giving us a dog-and-pony show. I decided to educate myself through TDU conventions, literature and meetings, and meet good Teamsters across the country. I’m proud to be a member."
Lupe Hernandez
Ralphs, Local 63
Riverside, Calif.


Happy Labor Day Weekend

August 29, 2014: Happy Labor Day Weekend, from your brothers and sisters in Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

Teamster Rail Workers Revolt vs Driving Solo

August 19, 2014: There’s a rank and file rebellion brewing among rail workers, and Teamster engineers are in the thick of it. (photo: Spouses & Families Against One Man Crews)