UPS Vote Count: Central Supplement Rejected

June 24, 2013: Updated 6 pm. Louisville Local 89 voted by 4156 to 509 against the national contract which led to a decisive rejection of the entire Central Region Supplement, the largest supplemental agreement.

Louisville's big no vote adds to strong rejections from most locals in Ohio, Michigan and Iowa. We expect Indiana to reject the agreement when Indianapolis Local 135 votes are counted. It will be the last local counted.

Louisville Local 89 Teamsters rejected the contract by 89% (a fitting number). Their vote came after the International union and management teamed up for an all-out campaign for Yes votes in the nation’s largest UPS local.

The defeat of the Central Supplement comes one day after the Western Supplement was voted down. 

In the West, the huge No vote in the Southern California locals and Arizona sunk the tentative agreement there, including the Western Supplement. Three locals headed by top officials saw their members vote No by the widest margins: Local 63, headed by International Vice president Randy Cammack, Local 396, headed by International Trustee Ron Herrera, and Local 104, headed by chief Western UPS Negotiator Andy Marshall.

The national contract will pass with 53% of the vote. But most of the members will be voting again, perhaps more than once, because of the rejection of most supplemental agreements.

Now 17 supplements and riders have been rejected: the Central Region, the Western Region, the Louisville Air Rider, the Southwest Package Rider, Western Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Local 623, Metro Philadelphia (including Delaware and S. New Jersey), New Jersey Local 177, New York Local 804, Upstate New York, the Ohio Rider, the Michigan Rider, the Metro Detroit Rider, as well as smaller agreements, such as Pittsburgh Local 926, UPS TCI, Latin American Inc. (Miami) Local 769, and New Jersey Local 177 Mechanics. 

Our local-by-local chart includes all votes that have been tallied.

Renegotiate the Health Care Benefit Cuts!

The No Vote is heaviest in areas affected where members are being moved out of their healthcare plan.

The members have sent Hoffa and Hall a message: go back to the table and protect our healthcare benefits!

Help Make UPS Deliver

UPS Teamsters rejected a record number of supplements and riders in the contract vote—and have sent Ken Hall and UPS back to the bargaining table.

It will take membership involvement and national coordination to reverse the healthcare cuts and win contract improvements.

We're looking for concerned UPS Teamsters who want to join forces and fight for contract improvements. 

Send us a message to talk about what's next with the contract and how UPS Teamsters nationwide are working together to win improvements. Teamster members are stronger when we work together.



I, along with another over twenty year employee didnt get a ballot! We even asked for a ballot after not recieving one still no BALLOT!!!! What is wrong with this picture? pay union dues in excess of  $12,000.00 over the duration and dont get a voice!!! worst contract i have ever been involved in including the one we went on strike for. I believe it was part time america. Why did our union even let this get to a vote?  our union even went behind our back and oked it with ups to let our part time workers do full time jobs in january 2013 because amazon was heavy. I recieved $50.00 a week from the post office union to be on strike but years later they ok this. WHY? This is the first contract we are going BACKWORDS!!!!! UPS is still making billions and trying to take more money out of our pokets. the blue collar employees are the heart in soul of this company!!! read the tentitive agreement and THINK real hard before voting or your hurting all of us. it's BAD!!!!!!!  

Forget about the healthcare people need to learn more about the ups freight line haul jobs. To get new job as proposed will take away feeder work from ups. Read the contract and dont trust the union that they will prevent this from happening.

Let us give two thumbs up to Louisville and their Teamster leadership. These people have a backbone. If every UPS Teamster WERE THIS STRONG, we would have a very solid union. UPS has billions of dollars on their balance sheet and Hoffa and Hall accept these concessions and inform us this is a good contract. BULLSHIT. How can this be a good contract when they reduce healthcare benefits to retirees and current employees and only want to start part timers at slave wages for back breaking labor.  As for the Atlantic, New England and Southern regions please wake up and get your heads out of your asses, look at the BIG PICTURE and your own future and future of the UNION BECAUSE YOU, TOO WILL ALSO GET SCREWED IN THE LONG RUN. Again congratulations to every UPS TEAMSTER WHO VOTED NO. MAYBE WE HAVE ACHIEVED SOME VELOCITY............ 

As a 11 year part timer, thank you Louisville, KY and SoCo!! we need to look out for one another as Union employees. We are all in this together, thats what it is all about. The company will try and play the blame game on who deserves what. Our end game as a union is progression, not regression, as employees and employee rights.