ABF CEO Calls for Quitting Teamster Pension Plans

May 11, 2007: “We believe there is an opportunity in this negotiating cycle to withdraw from some or all of these [Teamster pension plans] and provide benefits directly to our employees, and we’re prepared to negotiate that with the Teamsters in the coming negotiations.”

“We view the multiemployer [Teamster pension] withdrawal opportunity to be the most significant thing facing us.”

-- Robert Davidson, CEO of ABF, Interviewed on May 8, 2007 by transportation stock analysts

There you have it. The CEO is telling you that ABF would love to bust our pension plans, and take over employee pensions, in the coming round of negotiations.

There is no reason for this demand to be considered by our union or our members. We should push that off the table right from the start, and let the carriers know that we are bargaining to improve health care and pensions, not turn control over to the employers.

The best way to start would be setting a precedent in the UPS and UPS Freight negotiations: bring more brothers and sisters into our Teamster pension plans, and not split them up.

To hear audio of the report by ABF CEO Bob Davidson and YRC CEO Bill Zollars, click here.


My fellow Teamsters; One of the LAST things you want to do in your lifetime is to vote for a contract that would take you out of the IBT's Pension Benefits program!There is NO WAY ABF can match the benefits the IBT Pension Plan has to offer in any conference or Local Union. I know there are big differences in benefits in certain areas, such as the Western Conference vs. New York. These differences can be worked out, and your negotiating commitees need to hear from you on these issues, for the stakes are high. Tell them what you want and deserve, as working Teamsters. You want equity and equality. Georgia and Arizona ABF workers should want (and deserve) the same Pension Benefits New York ABF Teamsters will enjoy when they retire! Tell your union leaders what you want at your Local Union membership meetings, and let them know you won't settle for less! Do your research, know the facts, and stand strong! It's your future!I am a former Trustee of IBT Local Union 413, Columbus, Ohio Consolidated Freightways DENNIS ANDERSON