YRCW Concession Vote Results

August 7, 2009: The members have spoken. In the large voting unit, YRC and Holland Teamsters approved the concessions with a 58% yes vote: 12,923 Yes, 9,153 No. New Penn Teamsters, whose votes are counted separately because they are not part of the same bargaining unit, rejected the concessions. So did Chicago Local 705, Chicago Local 710, and Local 179 who are covered by their own separate contracts.

The overall results show that a majority of YRC Teamsters who cast a ballot chose to bite the bullet, hoping to give the company a chance to succeed. A strong minority – a majority in some major freight locals – said enough is enough, especially with Zollars still in the driver’s seat.

With the large unit of YRC and Holland Teamsters approving, while New Penn and big Chicago locals said No, the International union will have to decide how to handle the situation. Will they “vote till you get it right” in the rejecting units? Or will New Penn Teamsters retain their existing contract terms? Hoffa’s press release announcing ratification said those issues will be dealt with on a “local by local basis.”

We will provide further vote information as it becomes available.



Well...so much for dying with your boots on, huh?  IBT just held 'em taut while YRCW came to visit with a large pair of pruning shears.  Thanks for keeping an eye on things, guys. 

How long will it be before YRC seeks a third round of wage, health and welfare, pension cuts? Only time will tell, however since the first two votes have gone in YRC's favor, there is nothing to stop management from seeking more cuts.It is a race to the bottom, with the prize being the destruction of good paying jobs, and the demise of the industry that the Teamsters were founded upon. The founders of our once great union would surely be surprised at what has transpired. Have all the past sacrafices and hard fought battles been fought in vain? 

Daniel J Keeney  Round 3 has to wait untill they sell off whats left. They say they have a plan. It is the Trans Con/PIE plan. Sell the trailers,tractors,and forklifts and lease them back. Then ask for more. We will be part  of the working poor. People think we make too much. Tell that to the wife and kids. At this point we cant aford to cut anymore. Maybe Mr Hoffa has a plan too. I hope so. After 34 years of loven this job I gotta leave. It hurts me to see them run it into the ground.   

    I think this give back is a joke. We give back, to better position the company for operation as there market share goes away. This is exactly what the Teamsters have done. Union companies go away, less contributions into the penssion fund, No reorganization. Customers go away, Teamsters give up wages and benifits, and the CEO and his men get there bonuses. They have done nothing to bring in new customers, they have done nothing to bring back old customers. The only thing that Zollars, and Hoffa have done, (dont forget about Tyson Johnson to) is create a company, that not even a scab worker would want to apply at. Create a company that not even a shipper would consider working at. They have created a company that would be a good job for some kid in school to make some drinking money, with out a worry about benny's because once he or she graduates. They will go on and work a real job with benefits.     Looking at the big picture, Hoffa and his men have not only creayed a mess at YRC, they have created a unsecure working envirement for the brothers at ABF. Just like 25 years ago, when they agree'd to organize CCX, then took perks to turn the other way, today, we are living the exact same thing. Further eroding the union, at every level. My opinion is, what they have done is a crime. If ABF workers pulled out of the Union, I would not blame them. I maintain, the comanies should be paying dues, not the workers. The days of whats best for the worker are gone. It now whats best for the company. We ahave no representation. NONE!

YRC has emailed the IBT and they want to absorb newpenn into yrc!!!!!!!!!! say good bye to a great company!!! The IBT can kiss my ass if they agree to this!!!

My hat goes off to New Penn and Locals 705,710,and 179. I wish the rest of the YRCW members could have stood up for theirselves. They are now saying that New Penn is on the NMFA instead of the White Paper. I would love to have their votes and maybe ours would go the other way. As for votes being broken down to local counts this is how they answered me "I am told that the ballot count is not being broken down by locals because it is a national referendum, so those results aren’t available"