UPDATED YRC Presents Contract Proposals to Union

UPDATED November 27, 2013: The Freight Division has scheduled a two-man meeting for December 6 in Dallas to review proposals made by YRC to extend the current MOU. All locals representing YRC Teamsters have been asked to send representatives for the meeting.

On November 20-21, YRC negotiators presented proposals to the Teamsters Freight Division for a five-year contract extension. While they are not proposing any wage cuts, they are asking for other concessions.

Reports indicate that YRC’s proposals include these:

  • Continued annual wage increases in 2015 and beyond, but with no increase in 2014.
  • Overtime pay after 40 hours per week, instead of after 8 hours.
  • Change H&W language so that a partial week of work will not pay for a full week of H&W coverage.
  • Work rule changes, including outsourcing some maintenance and use of outside contractors for certain road work.

Reportedly the IBT Freight Division has not agreed to anything yet, and talks will continue.

YRC management is firm that they need to get an extension with labor cost savings in place soon to be able to re-finance their substantial debt in order to lower interest payments and keep the company on track.

One question that comes up is why can’t YRC negotiate with the banks and the Teamsters simultaneously, so that the banks – who want YRC to keep making payments – could agree to refinance terms at the same time as IBT negotiators agree to submit a contract extension for a vote.

YRC CEO James Welch is taking the case to members, with a DVD mailed to every Teamster’s home. Reportedly the company will follow that by creating a website for Teamsters to access information and the company’s viewpoint.

The IBT constitution requires a majority vote of approval by the 26,000 YRCW Teamsters for any contract extension. Members should have a chance to discuss and evaluate any proposal before it is mailed out for a vote. TDU will continue to post information as it becomes available.



We'll buy the chains and YRC can buy the padlocks.

If the above points really are what the management is proposing in the way of "no monetary concessions", my response is not NO; it's GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!

Who took the big bonuses last winter? Who botched not one but two change of operations? Who has made off with over $3 billion of the bargaining unit's pay and benefits over the last 4 3/4 years, and likely a billion more from the non-bargaining unit employees, but still can't "right the ship"?

Overtime after 40 will cost each employee AT LEAST four hours pay and as much as 10 hours pay for each week in which there is a holiday, a sick day, a vacation day, or anything else that involves time off from a normal work week.

The front office executives need to A) figure it out; or B) Get out!

There is no way I could support these concessions. You can bet that more will follow. Just the MOU1, MOU2, MOU3, and now MOU4. I voted against all three of the previous MOU’s. YRC can not get everything with just one MOU. So they are doing it in stages. We went on strike in 1994 for many of the reasons that the company has been getting in the first three MOU’s. The first three MOU’s pass with a yes vote 57-60 percent. And they will keep coming until the margin is at a 49/51 percent. Under this MOU4 the mechanics and road drivers will be the first hit. Then MOU5 will come and attack the City men (ABF already got the green light under their current new contract, they can hire outside workers to pickup and deliver freight to the terminals. No need to increase their seniority board). Many people will vote yes. We do not have much left as it is. Think you will make it to retirement? Well thanks to MOU3 YRC employees have to go to age 65 for full benefits (unless you were age 55 and had 25 years in Sept 2009, then it is 62 for you). You did not vote on that but it was a side affect of MOU3. But wait did you know that your Union and Central States Funds is trying to get Congress to change the law that protects those that have earned pensions, even the ones that left years ago. Look at what happened in The New York State Teamsters Conference Pension and Retirement Fund. Next you might want to think out the Health and Welfare part. How many jobs will be turned into 4 hour jobs. Work you 36 hours and still not get health care (now you might want to get out the letter you got from YRC Freight Dated Sept. 23, 2013 Re: Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Coverage under Your Health & Welfare Fund). This is also known as ObamaCare. I could go on for hours, but I like you still don’t have all the facts. So please research and share information with all members. I am voting NO. So on that note I am going to enjoy this time off this week. Happy Thanks Giving to everyone.

Why cant we ask that YRC use our money for the purpose that they tell us its being intended? I've given 15% for the past 4 years that was supposed to be used to pay off their debt. Not one dime was used for that purpose. I will not vote for any continuing pay cut until I see a guarantee that my money will be used entirely to retire that debt. I also want to see an amortization schedule from the lenders showing that debt paid off by 2019. No guarantee, no yes vote. Its that simple.

I hope YRC freight employees think long and hard before they vote for more take backs from this company. If the Company needs to cut back on expenses, but upper management has not committed to cut their salaries!  When you read that if James Welch, Jamie Pierson or Michelle Russell make more that 1 million in taxable income in a year than more money has to go to our Pensions then you know it's just really about the top keeping more for themselves. I believe we have helped the company and the company rewarded us with stock which they knew were going to be worthless cause they were going to do a stock split. They have lied to us in the past and they continue to do so. Have any of us heard that the top management believes so much in us making it that they are willing to cut their pay substantially? For a company that needs to save money they have spent an awful lot of money promoting their propaganda campaign with glossy fliers, for all their union members and glossy posters and mailing out letters to their union members and now cutting a dvd and mailing it to all of our houses (when the dvd is posted on their web site) and last but not least doing face to face with the union members. If a face to face wasn't important before you wanted us to take less and give back more, you really don't care about us, our concerns, it's just lies! 

I need to refinance my loan also, but I can't because YRC has cut my pay and so I am behind in other payments so the bank won't let me refinace at a lower interest rate. Do you think if I explain this to James Welch he would say I will help you out? He would still say sacrafice for the company so that I don't have to take a pay cut! I am a single parent and live in a small 2 bedroom home what does James Welch, Jamie Pierson or Michelle Russell live in. Show us you want to save the company, give back 1/2 of your salary and don't take the bonuses.

I believe that our benefits should be left alone... period. I also think if the company wants overtime after 40 instead of 8... let them have it, it might get more people back to work. The senior guys dont want all the overtime and the junior guys want to come back, its a win, win! I also think if the company starts farming out linehaul, they will start abusing the shit out of it. That needs to be taken off the table, no ifs ands or buts about it... well that is my insight.

The overtime after 40 and no 40 hour guaranty for H&W is huge for a laid off employee the way the company likes to play the layoff game. The IBT definetly needs to push back on these proposals by the company. Also we need to get back to full rate, a percentage each year of the agreement like ABF.

I've worked my whole life to try to do better not to climb my ladder too fast knowing the feeling of my butt hiting the ground. If i ran my house hold like this company I would  have been broke too. YRC, dont you smart people know what you're doing? Each one of you should look in a mirror! Then look your family in the eyes and tell them how smart you are to run a company. In the drain as you are! Smart NO. GREED! My vote will be NO... more.

I remember my mail box stuffed with leaflets and freight bulletins during the last campaign for International office... Big photos & promises from Hoffa/Tyson... Now nothing. Gotta count on TDU updates!

Alright member when are you going to wake up! It's all about us giving! First it was 10% then it was another 5%, everyone's pension, 1 week vactions and 5 minuets of our breaks! This all was supposed to last 18 months! This all started in 2009 and now it's the end of 2013. That's almost 5 years now! Most of us have given thousdands of dollors back, we can't retire until we are almost 62 to 65 of age (they want us to drop while working) and those of you that don't retire by the end of December your spousal option will be reduced from 66 2/3 to 50% unless you go to work here they put into our retirement for 18 months! They are billion a dollars in debit anonther five years will not help! VOTE NO!

LETS GET REAL! If the IBT even thinks about entertaining this then we shoud look hard at decerting from the IBT. As a 20 year veteran of this union I can only look back and think about the last 20 years of my life that I have WASTED with this. There is no future here, no retirement, wage reductions, no job security, health care reductions, poor management, unsafe equipment, now they want us to operate like a non union company? You should ask business reps with the union like Doug D. Davis local 957 if they are willing to reconsider their pay and benefits. At what point do we tell the company and OUR union NO! Enough is enough. You people are the most sought after SKILLED laborers in the country!

The company is just picking us apart. They just keep taking until we stop them. It's time we get something back. When are we going to learn that once we give something up we're never going to get it back. The way I see it is that we have 2 options, close it down now or keep it open a little longer till we can find new jobs. Either way you better start looking for something else because it's no longer worth working here. These are not quality wages in California or on the east coast. If I'm going to vote yes on this I better see some sort of give back to make it worth it. 

It started with a 10% give back. Then 5% plus some, now this! What's the piont of a union if we keep looking more like a non-union worker? We want the Walmart & fast food workers to stand up and fight and we keep giving in. They are taking us down a little at a time. We have to stop kidding ourselves they are not going to stop. They keep saying we have to compete with non-union companies and to me that means we must bring our standards at or below non-union workers. It's to the point that all we will be working for is a paycheck and have to stay working till death. These big investors have all these ways to minimize  loss and we keep investing back into the company and must take a lose right up front. I must say NO! If it means selling my house and changing my life style so be it! Men and women die for this country standing up to the people that want to bring us down, so down size my life style to fight for change for all workers needs to start now.

Guys and gals:

In 2008, we had two competing companies under common ownership, plus a smattering of regional carriers. That was stupid! The corporate office should have merged them years earlier. They didn't. Stupid!

Roadway had a lot of junk equipment, a stone-age computer system, and the Neanderthal operating model to go with it. Stupid! But they also had no debt. Everything was bought and paid for. Very smart! Very, very smart! Hence they could function less efficiently because they weren't paying out profits to service debt. Not especially smart, but it worked.

Yellow had generally good equipment, good maintenance, a really good computer system and the "better than anybody else" operating model to go with it. Very smart; very, very smart.

But the corporate godfather Yellow Corp. had a big debt load, primarily from buying Roadway for more than it was worth, then USF for nearly three times what it was worth, and borrowing billions of dollars to do that. Stupid, very stupid! So when the doo-doo hit the fan in 2008, the banks ordered "merge these two huge competing companies". You know, what Yellow Corp. should have done on their own years earlier.

The merger was a fiasco (I would call it a circus, but a circus is actually entertaining.) While the rank-and-file merged their seniority rosters and basically shook hands and got to work, the management at ALL levels didn't. They engaged in the mother of all cat-fights, trying to run each other off because they realized that there wasn't room for all of them.

We saw the outcome of all that. We had two companies that ran neck-and-neck as numbers one and two in the industry, merged into one company that should have been the mother of all freight powerhouses. Instead, we watched in horror as we lost about half of our business within about ninety days. We have never recovered. FedEx and Conway grew big on our backs, and changed the climate in this industry. Changing it back in our favor is not just a formidable task; it's nearly impossible.

So now what? We have forfeited over $3 billion in wages and benefits since January of 2009. Add in the forfeitures of the lower management and the non-union rank-and-file at Reddaway and some of the call centers, and that total forfeiture is around $4 billion. That is a mind-boggling amount of money!

The way I see it, there is no excuse for the financial condition that the exceutives claim that we're in. The debt should have been paid off a couple of years ago, we should be solidly in the black, and we should be seeing the restoration of our pay and benefits soon. For James Welch and Jamie Pierson to be coming now asking for more is just absurd! They have known since the day that the papers were signed on these debt instruments when they were going to be coming due. To come at us now in the 11th hour is nothing more than a game.

I think that we must draw the line in the sand now, and accept no further concessions. This is round number four of giveback requests. If we approve this, you can bet that at some point in the not too distant future, there will be a round number five. Let's not even go there. Vote NO.

This seems to be the way of the world. We are fools for allowing these greedy executives to continue to use the same old lines to convince the workers that if they don't take concessions, the company will be forced into bankruptcy. When in reality it is just a scam to boost their bottom line. This kind of oppressive action would have never worked when there were more of these unionized companies. Now that there are only a couple of us left, these executives are playing us against each other. If we don't stand up together and stop allowing these companies to take away the stuff that took a lot of years and lives to get what we had. Don't allow these executives from the companies or the ibt to take anything else away. It's time to stand United and end this continued slide we have been on.

There may be some non-union jobs that pay close to what our union jobs are now paying (if H&W is not included). HOWEVER, the only reason those jobs pay what they do is becuase of union pressure. They pay their employees "generously" to keep the Teamsters out. Do you really think any of those companies who are gritting their teeth and paying through their noses to keep the Teamsters out are going to hire any ex-Teamsters into their company? The only people who are going to hire a bunch of disgruntled ex-Teamsters when YRC goes under are going to be the low-paying, long-haul bottom feeders who have nothing to fear from any Teamster organizing efforts. A "Yes" vote probably is just kicking the can down the road. The hand writting does appear to be on the wall. There are very powerful forces at work that want to see Unions and the American Middle Class demolished and powerless. But I don't see how giving in to those forces and voting to "shut the *&%^$#*&%  down" is kicking any body's ass other than your own.

Oh boy, here we go again. If the management at YRC can't get their act together by now, what is a proposed extension gonna do? And the nerve of the current YRC CEO James Welch attempt to mail out dvd's to circumvent the Union's leadership and cloud the waters with more promises is outright shameful.

Brothers, I think the over all agenda of YRC is to get wages lowered for dockworkers equal or near the non-union competitions pay-rate. With that will come the only after 40 hours overtime plan as well as a way to get many of the dockworkers on the "Affordable Health Care Exchange" (Obama Care) and a continue split among the brotherhood of the Union.

I'll be honest here, I would vote yes for just an extension. I no longer can drive and the dock is all I got left to choose from. Where I live, available work continues to be very scarce. If YRC was to fold, I'd be in the street soon. There are just few and very far between places that will pay $20 plus an hour for dockworker and with a good healthcare plan. This is just my opinion and it's not to be used in any way to sway either-side.

Then again, there is a part of me that says shut the doors and say the hell with it. I am so angered how the management of YRC ran the company into the ground and wants to somehow blame Teamsters for the many problems facing YRC.

- Larry 813  Tracy CA.

Sell the other 3 companies (NO MORE GIVE BACKS). What happened to the union? The union needs to stand up for us. The penson is shit, wages are the same, non union make more then us. What's going on? 25 years at yellow and yrc.

Please check out http://teamstersonline.com/forums/yrc-inc/ and join our conversations about yrc. The Biggest Concession Yet !

If YRC gets what they want this time it will make your head spin. You will notice a lot of gray areas this time. They have been trying lots of new tactics since our first concession. If they are not clear what they want then they can do as they please. Using contractors is getting ready to take on a whole new meaning. They will probably go after sleeper, line haul for sure. Next they will use the cartage to shrink on hand freight at a terminal. Then they can layoff and not pay your health care benefits. They say it is to fight absenteeism but it is in fact a way to save money by not paying your healthcare. They use focus groups to find ways to confuse and trick you. It cost big money but it is worth it for them. If you are tricked they save a bundle and of course get their bonuses. Performance bonus can be for more than making money. If they screw you that is making money also.
They make it seem like going to Disney land we just want an extension. But it is a whole lot more. If they get an extension and all this other bs you are going to see a whole new company, but with a lot more cartage. And there will be jobs going away. Remember, when they say they need to use cartage, that means people are going to lose their job. It could be you!

Yeah... let's all work a three day workweek and pay for our own H/W. What's wrong with us? Were we not stupid/taken in once/twice before? We have all sacraficed enough well over and beyond. It is time for YRC to quit giving themselves bonuses for mismanagement. C'mon brothers and sisters... let's stand up. You know they'll be back in our pockets again.

It's so sad that many teamsters are not informed. Ask your self this, the banks want us to refinance because we are paying 150 mil a year and they want to get payed only half to help us out. Come on guys they want more and we take less. Why would the union vote yes. Why are Hoffa and Tyson even giving in to talks. 

But hey this is what we pay for, funny how the 51 bucks a month pays to screw myself.

OK everybody, get ready, the YRC Road Show is coming back to a freight barn near you! It came out in this week's "Inside YRC" newsletter that as soon as ballots are sent out, senior YRC managers, including Welch, are going to come talk with the employees about how important it is to vote YES! Here are a few suggestions. If we could get the whole country to do this, Welch would pee his Fruit-of-the-Looms:

1) If your barn gets a lowly Vice President, or an even more lowly Area Director, ask him how much of a bonus he got. Demand an answer. If they refuse, you have your answer.

2) If you happen to get James Welch, ask him why we should suffer while he skims a big bonus. Ask him where OUR bonus is!

3) If they get uppity when you start asking these questions, get EVERYBODY to demand answers. (This should be pre-arranged).

4) If they still won't "cough up", walk out! That's right, get up and leave. Tell them that we have customers to serve, and that we don't have time for their nonsense and BS. Make sure everybody is on board with this, so that if one walks out, everybody walks out!

5) Got enough burlap bags? Have everybody wear one, and bring a tin cup to clang, ask them for their "spare change", or "alms for the poor, alms for the poor".

You think I'm kidding, right? Think again!