TDU Will Post Proposed UPS Contract Tuesday

UPDATE, May 6, 2013: The information brownout will be lifted and the tentative agreement with UPS will finally see the light of day on Tuesday, May 7.

There will be a meeting for representatives from every local union to review the proposed tentative agreement on Tuesday, May 7.

Due to past legal victories, TDU will receive the tentative UPS contract and make it available to all members.

TDU has obtained more initial details on the UPS tentative agreement, including some information on wages, pensions and health benefits.

Click here to download an updated bulletin of the proposed contract details.

There will be a meeting for representatives from every local to review the proposed tentative agreement on May 7. Due to past legal victories, TDU will receive and make available to the members the national agreement and all supplements and riders at that time.

Wages: Wage increases are as follows.

$.70/hour on August 1, 2013

$.70/hour on August 1, 2014

$.70/hour on August 1, 2015

$.40/hour on August 1, 2016 and $.40/hour on Feb. 1, 2017

$.50/hour on August 1, 2017 and $.50/hour on Feb. 1, 2018

The progression has been increased from three-years to four-years so new full-timers will have to wait longer to reach full union scale.

The International Union has claimed a "substantial increase" in starting pay for part-timers. It will be $10 an hour in the tentative five-year deal, an amount that could again drop below minimum wage in some areas by August 2018.

Health Benefits: All members presently in the company-based health plan are being moved out, into the Central States Health and Welfare Fund or other funds. Benefits there are being enhanced to match current benefits.

Retiree Health Benefits: Members in company-based plans will face much larger payments for retiree health care. Instead of paying $50/month to cover a retiree and spouse, it will go to $100, then $200 and $300/month by the third year of the contract ($150 for a retiree alone).

Pensions: An important issue for UPSers in the Central and Southern Regions, and the Carolinas is a substantial increase in the IBT-UPS pension plan, where 44,000 full-time Teamsters receive the lowest retirement benefits in the country.

The 30-year pension in the IBT-UPS plan will reportedly go to $3,200/month in 2014, with a second increase to $3,400/month that does not take effect until 2017.

For all other Teamster funds, UPS will increase pension and Health and Welfare contributions by $1/hour more each year. With inflation, this is actually a savings to UPS of 10¢ an hour each year over the last contract.

Contract Language: As previously reported by TDU, the new agreement has language changes on harassment and excessive overtime.

Instead of 10,000 new full-time 22.3 jobs, the deal provides for 2,350 (500 in 2014, 500 in 2015, 1,350 in 2016). Will the 22.3 jobs the company has eliminated be restored? Technology, discipline over "dishonesty" and subcontracting are other critical areas where language needs to be carefully reviewed.

UPS Teamsters will get to review all language changes and vote separately on the national contract and their supplement (and in some cases a third vote on their local rider).

Almost all supplements have now been settled except the Louisville Air Rider, where members are asking for protection of bargaining unit work, ending unreasonable unpaid time going through airport security and shuttle bus to work areas, and protection of jobs and seniority rights.

TDU and Make UPS Deliver expect to post the national and all supplement changes sometime on Tuesday, May 7.

We urge all UPS Teamsters to carefully review the proposed agreements, attend local union contract meetings, ask questions, and cast an informed vote.

It's Your Contract -- Have Your Say. Click here to speak out and share your comments or questions. We want to hear from you.


What is going on with this increase to $495 per month from the $50 per month cost of healthcare for us retirees that is supposed to begin in August?  When my wife and I received the letter saying that our healthcare cost was going from $50 to $495 per month for our healthcare we could hardly believe it!  That is a very hard pill to swallow for those of us on a fixed income!  Was there anything in the upcoming contract that addressed this issue?

judging by the silence on this issue my guess is we are getting trown under the bus.  Teamster Proud!!

Wait a minute! Our local took a survey to find out what our priorities were in this contract. PENSIONS were number one. What happened at negotiations? A $200 increase is a joke, compared to what the rest of the country. Come on Hoffa, Hall and Wood!

What about ups freight all I see is ups and nothing really about freight wth no real details about the freight contract

MAKE UPS DELIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WEAK ASS ConTRACT for both UPS and UPS Freight!!!!! FIGHT to the picket lines!!! FIGHT FIGHT!!

ups freight contract in TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS ONLY A $0.50 PAY INCREASE EVERY YEAR FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS, 


After looking over the Central States health care information, this Teamster is none too happy.  Having office visit co-pays jump 100% is unacceptable, particularly when most of the office visits are related to work environment and work-related stress.  In light of the rediculously low wage increases, that kind of added health care cost doesn't compute.

There has been no information on dental or vision coverage.  We need a lot more details before the middle of May to work on this.  If the IBT thinks that it will work to wait until the last minute to release these details so that we will not have time to research the changes, they are wrong.

As it stands right now, the proposal is unsupportable.  Back to the bargaining table, and come back with something that supports UPS's claim that their "employees are [their] most valuable asset."

If all who vote this contract in just remember the retires retired with a nice package so that the younger gen could get the full-time positions. By voting in this contract when it is your turn to retire the costs of health care and the retirement age will never allow you the luxury of retireing.. Once you open the door to negotiate being charged for health coverage the costs will always be on the table and always rise. Looks like the Union will let ups have anything just to be done and not touch the Strike fund. If you are happy to work like you work now till death do you part good-luck. VOTE NO AND MAKE THE UNION THAT WE PAY FOR DO A BETTER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ups is making their profit from you

Since the starting wage is going up $1.50 /hour, does that mean that all employees currently in progression or at the top of their wage scale will get a $1.50 /hour raise?  Only seems fair.  We work our rear ends off for the Company, and they have the profits to show it.

UPS management: show us how much you really care.  If this proposal is the best you can do, then may be FedEx really does care about their employees more.

The Teamsters Union conceded another year, to make it for part timers to wait 4 years to go to top pay. I think it's insane for UPSers to accept this. Not only are the years to go full time at a record high but now a new full timer must wait an additional 4 years to make any real money. By doing this UPS saves an additional $16,000 a year on every full time job that gets created during this contract. Definitely this contract is not part timer friendly!!!

         As fellow Teamsters already said, the new healthcare package is unacceptable!! As a Cover Driver, I can attest to the fact that UPS has increased our delivery load and decreased our time to do it, for example, I have delivered 190 to 200 stops non-peak season. As a pre-loader, I have seen our work week  decrease from 25 hours to 20 (from vacation week pay) We are loading more packages on the trucks in less time, and UPS is trying to even increase it more. I load on average 900 (1,400 being the most) plus packages a morning. The problem is our new Contract doesn't show how our hard work is being apperciated or paid for. I am giving a 110% everyday and I expect at least to keep our healthcare the excat same!!! I am willing to keep fighting and if this contract doesn't change, I will vote NO and try to convince everyone in my center to do the same!

Another record quarter for profits. I have one thing to say to United Parcel Service and the International Negotiating Team, If this is the best you can do for the people that make the money to pay your wages you can come talk to us on the picket line. The great CEO wages have increased from $4.6 million a year in 2008 to over $15 million in 2013 and this is how you treat the people who make that money to pay you.   Get off your backside and do something that is worth it to look at. This is not a contract, this is BS. 

If you do your research the CEO makes more then that with stock investments and everything that is paid for. Heck if you took just $2 million out of each of the board members' allowance the company would make a hell of a lot more.

I think it's time for the Union to negotiate a contract for the workers and not for themselves. I say, Good luck, you're not gonna screw us again or buy this contract like you did the last one.  

Ask yourself not what UPS can do for you but What the UNION can do for you.

Why is it taking so long to get info on this "agreement"? Is this going to be a "pass it so we can see what's in it" deal like ObamaCare? Something happens in China and you can get full details within 5 minutes on the internet. Come on teamster officials, get your act together and release the details!!!!

Are you kidding !! This is awful. How is a family with young children going to afford this? We need to stand up against this. 



It will change in California and you will have not one co-pay but two. Co-insurance is another form of a co-pay.

The tentative agreement should have been made available to all employees as soon as it was announced.

It will take time to comb through it.  Somehow in 2006 our disability weekly payment was up to $500 a week.   Now in 2013; the maximum disability payment is $300 a week.  How are we supposed to survive on $800 less a month while on a disability injury that was most likely caused by this UPS job.

Maybe the new disability payment will be $100 a week?   Where will they try to hide this reduced benefit?   Where was it hidden when it went from $500 a week down to $300 a week?

Need to ask what percentages our medical will be, 65/35, 70/30? There are no more 80/20 policies.

Who will cover our pension and medical if Union goes broke?

Let's talk PROFIT SHARING!!!  We have a CEO that's paid over 9 MILLION a year and UPS Profits over 1 BILLION per quarter!!! 

The laborers are the PRODUCTIVE employees and should receive a share of the profits!!  In the 'real' business world, people who hold positions such as CEO's are considered "NON-PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES" !!  

Why then should the $Millions$ go to the NON-PRODUCTIVE and the Dollars go to the PRODUCTIVE??????

How can the union even think of accepting this horrible offer? This is truly unbelievable. If you don't vote no then you are an idiot. Don't you remember last contract they said UPS didn't have their money? But we know they do now. Record profits and you can't offer wage increases that at least cover this freakin hyper-inflation? Hello Teamsters. Wake the heck up. I didn't know we were working for walmart here. Use the strike fund we pay for every damn week! Spread the word to vote no or we areall doomed. Always vote no. I don't even blame the company. I blame the union for turning thier backs on us when we pay their paychecks. You should be ashamed! Shame on you union leaders. If this passes I will quit after 15 years of dedicated service!

It's all about greed and control... The Union officials want to use the Central States to secure their own personal needs.

Don't like what they are offering. My other concern is what ever happen to over 9.5 issue? Seems like its going away. How many new 22.3 Jobs? How many new full time jobs? I know health care is an issue but seems like you're just letting other issues go away.

No way any of us Teamsters better pass this vote! Less total wages than the last contract? I don't think so! Central States sucks for Insurance! We will make the company continue to pay! Minimum starting wage for new employees should be at least $12.00 Hourly. This new progression for full timers? 4 years without a raise? Are u fucken crazy? It needs to go back to 2 years! 3 years was bad enough with last contract! Get you're shit together Hoffa! No one is going to pass this agreement and if it does pass the teamsters will know the voting count is FIXED!

I do not see why we have to give up anything on this contract and to cut our health care coverage by putting us in a Teamster-controlled plan is unfair!
If that's what happens then I want to know if we can opt out? If not then all IBT should be in the same at the lowest level in the locals to Mr. Hoffa if we have to have it so should our non working Union Brothers and Sisters. They need to start paying the price right along side us!!! What ever cuts we have to take (and they tell us its so great) then the Union should also. Then let's see if they fight harder for us for better contracts instead of giving it all away. The Central States health plan is not even half as good as ours! They need to do what they have been saying to us and Protect our Health Care Benefits!!! There should be no changes, STOP GIVING OUR FUTURE AWAY AND TELLING US IT'S A GREAT CONTRACT!!!!

So far a lot of negative feedback. If it passes you're right..its fixed. I don't understand how the union would agree on this. Unless they want us to go on strike. I want to know what both sides proposed and what it was agreed. Just to see how strong this union really is. I'm sure the union knew about the first quarter profits UPS made and should have aeekes more. Almost sounds like the union agreed on the first offer UPS threw at them. I can't afford a strike....but this contract just isn't fair for anyone. I have kids now a family to provide for. I have to think about our future....I'm voting NO. We have to spread the word. Inform every employee and get ready for whats to come.

To the UPS Teamsters in right to work (for less) states, call your local and let them know that if this is the best contract they can get for their members then you no longer see any reason to continue to pay for their services and will drop out of the union. This will hurt them the same way they are willing to allow UPS to hurt us. By the way, why the rush by the Teamsters to settle the contract? Seems to me the later it gets the closer to the Christmas rush we get and the more the power switches to the union. Slow down and do it right.

From the silence we are getting from our glorious union and the thugs in charge, it looks like we retirees are getting thrown under the bus.  I am ashamed to say I am a Teamster.

Part time starting pay going to $10 a hour IS NOT a substantial increase. It's a joke. If that considered substantial what is substantial for part timers that have been for awhile. Part timers get harassed just as much as full timers. Part timers have no body looking out for us. We physically work harder than anyone and get treated the worst. We get the least amount of hours, least protection, and least pay but the most physically demanding job.

In my opinion anyone that votes for this contract based on the information currently released does not care about winning a strong contract. Hoffa and Hall could and should do a lot better. UPS makes more and more money every year. Corporations continue to get wealthier as the laborers that make that possible fall in the other direction. How can they hope to have a strong organizing campaign and battle polticians for friendly labor legislation if they dont win a strong contract for their largest membership share? Teamsters need strong leadership to inspire the membership to do great things. Good enforceable contracts are at the heart of any strong union.

AS I retired route driver I find it very difficult to understand why my health benefits might go up as much as 1000%. Do I make a decision to have medical coverage or pay my mortgage? When I reach the age of Medicare do I pay 6 thousand a year for a secondary insurance? I do not have a vote anymore so I depend on this union and the members to have the backs of those of us that helped build this company and union into what they are now.Remember what they tell you now might not be what they will do down the road. Mr Hoffa UPS has the #1 members of Teamsters so fight for us like you did in Wisconsin.Negioate for a fair any reasonable contract for eyeryone.And please do not forget those of us that went before, and force us to make a decision between health coverage or lifes other cost.


I am retired as a U.P.S. driver of 40 years. The pension I received the first month of my retirement will be the same amount of money I get the month I die. There is no COLA "COST OF LIVING" adjustment in my pension. When I retired from UPS part of my package was medical insurance. Now UPS want to change my medical package and have me pay. .THE BOTTOM LINE IS FOR EVER DOLLAR UPS WANTS ME TO PAY, THERE WILL BE ONE DOLLAR LESS IN MY FIXED RETIREMENT PENSION. I am not the only one in this position. Many retirees are very concerned and worried. We hope in the contract negotiations we will not be forgotton. Sincerely, A U P S DRIVER OF 40 years. Jimji

What about new provisions for workers who are injured on the job and UPS just throws us away like trash! I am currently off work from an ON JOB INJURY and not allowed to return to work because of permanent restrictions from knee surgeon. After 26 years of service and absolutely zero help from my local. Thanks Teamsters

looks like they're distracting Teamsters with talk about benefit increases when the top concern in my opinion is overlooked: part-time poverty. every employee hired is promised future full time employment. honestly who can live off $100 a week? not to mention the job is more physical than any entry level position. 10 to 70 lbs packages 1,000 to 1,500 packages a night probably more in heavier locations. make UPS pay more


It seems to me that in reguards to the language that refers to the creation of 2000 new full-time jobs, the company will do that by simply refraining from cutting routes everyday. I would bet that nationwide it accounts for at least that many full-time positions.   The one issue that really appeals to me in this 5-year pact is how much more we will get at the time of retirement. It is $3000 a month for 30 and out for my region. There is no reason it shouldn't be at least $4500 a month for 30 and out now.

Not one positive word said that I have read. IM a vote no. If the contract passes, I am sure the vote counts will be rigged. I am sure the teamsters will be under investigaion of fraud and vote tampering, if this contract passes.

All the way around sounds like the union is on UPS side!!!! Less money for raises, crappy insurance, how is this a good contract for a company that is profiting what it is????? My prescriptions are near $500 a month and ive been with the company 15 years now I have to pay I cant afford it plus a $3.90 raise over the next 5 years is less than what we get now.... work hard every single day and I am expected to do pretty much every single job in the building and im gonna get less? My supervisors are more worried about fantasy leagues than anything else till its pull time


i'm a driver in southwest region, what i read and hear, UPS has us retirees have to pay more than $50.00 for health benefits is wrong. anyone that is going out before this contact or is out should be grandfathered in, they done their time and deserve that! where is the (ken halls) "we're not going to pay $.90 or $9 not even 9 cents." remember UPS made $4.72 billion 2 quarters ago after taxes and paid our benefits also this quarter $13.5 billion before taxes. drivers want health benefits more than raises .35/.35/.35/.35/.35 stay strong tell UPS they will have to maintain our benefits as they are. if u give in now 5 years down the road, UPS will want more. it's corporate greed! good luck, stay strong, protect our past brothers (retirees). don't make them go back work to make ends meet. put your feet in theire shoes. thx go teamster 104.

your absolutley right! anybody retired before this contract should not be included in health care cost increases. when we retired we new what are costs would be, now they want to increase them hundreds of dollars, and have a worse plan!! is ken hall and the teamsters on drugs? let the teamsters make up the differance in our health care costs if they think this is such a great plan. send them back to the bargining table.

When we talk about getting thrown under a bus:

"Retiree Health Benefits: Members in company-based plans will face much larger payments for retiree health care. Instead of paying $50/month to cover a retiree and spouse, it will go to $100, then $200 and $300/month by the third year of the contract ($150 for a retiree alone)."

Are you sure UPS isn't WANTING a strike? Then, maybe their republican friends will let them hire scabs, and complete their union busting agenda. Don't trust anyone!!