Ken Hall's Double Talk

UPDATED July 30, 2013: Ken Hall's letter on UPS contract negotiations shows both the power of the Vote No movement and the IBT's determination to try to force through healthcare cuts.

Hall's statement claims, "Because health care is contained in the National Agreement, another vote against the Supplement will not impact health care."

At the same time, Hall says that improvements are being made to enhance TeamCare health benefits—something that Hall and many local officials claimed was impossible just a few weeks ago.

Hall's double-talk and flip-flop shows both the power of the Vote No movement and the determination of the Hoffa-Hall administration to force the concessions they gave to UPS despite the company’s record profits.

Many members have reacted to the letter with anger. "We voted No to save our health benefits and win a better contract," said Nick Perry, a UPS steward from Columbus Local 413. "They need to get the message that we're not accepting givebacks to a company that made $4.5 billion."

The International Union's plan is to try to push through a Yes Vote on the supplements in a second round of bargaining by making minor enhancements in the supplements, while telling members it's impossible to maintain the same level of healthcare benefits.

The truth is that absolutely nothing stops the International Union and UPS from negotiating an agreement to maintain members' health benefits at the same level.

Without touching the national agreement, the International Union could bring the Supplemental Negotiating Committees together to demand that UPS make sufficient healthcare contributions in each supplement to maintain members' current health benefits.

What happens next will be determined by the rank and file at UPS. Hall is hoping that members fall for his scare tactics and accept the supplements.

The national contract cannot be implemented until all of the supplements are approved which gives members leverage. But that leverage will only save members' health benefits and win other contract improvements if the Vote No movement has enough strength to reject the concessions in a second round of voting on the supplements.

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As a 19 year member of the Teamsters, I have never been more ashamed of the actions of MY UNION! I will vote no on any contract that concedes any issue, health care most importantly, to the greedy corporate interests that made $4.5 BILLION , in part due to MY HARD WORK!

Again more doubletalk. The sentences "Finally, you can be certain we heard your voice on the health care issue and that we are working to respond to your concerns. We believe, in the end, you will have a new health care plan on January 1, 2014, at least equal to your current plan and far superior to plans provided to the average American."  mean nothing!! What does "at least equal to your current plan" mean? Which current plan? The current UPS Aetna insurance plan or the CS insurance plan? This does not specify WHAT plan they are talking about which leaves them open to still stick it to us. How much you want to bet they wait until January 1st and they say--OOPS We tried!! Sorry! They are right about one thing in the second sentence--"in the end" is where we are going to get it!

20 years with this union and company and I have never seen a contract worded so loosely in some areas. The healthcare that is offered to us IS GOING TO COST MORE and is also a downgrade to what we currently have thru UPS. Read the fine print folks. Higher deductibles thru a progressing and higher prescription costs over time. The problem is that you are not listening to the members. Is this contract a protection for its members or a protection for the union? Remember we pay the dues and you are employed by the members! By the way-- the next time you want to do a survey of our opinion -- don't waste money hiring a marketing firm-- put us in the hall and ask our opinion!!

Hoffa and Hall have a chance to go down in history as the two men who saved the middle working class instead they chose their own personal greed what a shame BUT WE HAVE TO REMEMBER WE ARE THE UNION NOT THEM TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   KEEP VOTING NO!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Zak   Local 243 and proud !!!!