TDU in Action–Uniting to Rebuild Teamster Power in Carhaul
Teamster carhaulers showed our power when we voted down a concessionary agreement in 2008. Now carhaulers are getting organized to protect our jobs and our agreement.

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Carhaul Newswire

A United Road Driver Speaks Out

December 22, 2009: Carhaulers used to be one of the strongest units in our union. But automakers are shifting more and more business to nonunion carriers, and union drivers are losing ground.

Daily Labor Report: GM, Chrysler Use Cheap Haulers

December 3, 2009: LANSING, Mich.—General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC are cutting costs by using cheap, nonunion trucking companies to haul vehicles from factories to dealer lots, putting people out of work and endangering consumers and motorists in the process, according to a report issued Dec. 2 by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and consumer groups.

Canadian Allied Teamsters Leave for the C.A.W.

November 20, 2009: Some 700 Teamsters employed at Allied in Ontario and Quebec voted today to leave our union and join the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW). The unfortunate choice came after Canadian carhaulers became alienated from the Teamster officialdom.

IBT Launches Carhaul Jobs Campaign

October 16, 2009: On October 15 the International Union announced its new campaign to save Teamster carhaul jobs, with initial plans to handbill at Chrysler and GM dealers each weekend.

Teamster Carhaulers Need IBT Support

October 12, 2009. Teamster carhaulers are under fire: their industry is in a depression and their jobs are under attack. Leadership from the Teamsters Union is sorely needed to defend Teamster jobs and the national contract.

Lawmakers Question GM, Chrysler Carhauler Moves

October 9, 2009: Months after the government bailed out General Motors and Chrysler, some lawmakers are questioning tough contract demands by the two auto companies that union officials argue could lead to the replacement of hundreds of union carhaulers with nonunion drivers.

International Abandons Carhaulers

July 21, 2009: In June, Allied CEO Mark Gengregske went to the Cottage Grove, Minnesota, terminal to sell the drivers on more concessions: five percent on the Mazda work and 12.5 percent on the Chrysler traffic. The Teamsters said No.

Canadian Teamsters Say No to Concessions

June 30, 2009: Teamsters voted down Allied’s proposed mid-term concessions to the Eastern Canada carhaul agreement by 99% in voting over the past few days.

Oppose Ferro to head FMCSA

June 08, 2009: WASHINGTON — Trucking interests Friday took traditional partisan stances over the nomination of Anne S. Ferro to be the next administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


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